Bella Russo Travel Bags: Best 10 Ways To Recognize Real Fake

The Bella Russo travel bags are a fabulous example of the range of beautiful pieces that are now available to suit every taste, budget and occasion.

With an impeccable track record in design and manufacturing, Bella Russo is renowned for its finely crafted leather handbags.

Whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece or delicate accessory, the Bella Russo travel bags will always be just right for your needs.

Bella Russo has a range of beautiful new handbags, perfect for the needs and style of bridesmaids and the fashion-aware bride-to-be.

Bella Russo Travel Bags
Bella Russo Travel Bags

Bella Russo’s new handbags are available in various colours, shades and styles and include accessories such as hair bars, cross body bags, suitcases and backpacks.

All of the products are manufactured using the finest quality leather and materials.

Bella Russo Travel Bags

The new collection of Bella Russo travel bags comprises a range of styles and colours bang on trend for Spring/Summer 18. The vibrant designs appeal to the fashion-conscious traveller and offer the best in style and sophistication.

This season, you’ll find a wide selection of travel bags that have been carefully crafted to ensure they look – as well as feel – fantastic.

You’ll discover a variety of bags in luxurious, soft calfskin leather and can even choose from a range of stylish effects such as patent, glitter or crocodile-inspired crocodile.

There are practical and useful designs for parents on the move that feature side pockets and zip closures to ensure your devices stay secure and well protected.

Bella Russo is great for those who prefer their designer handbags to be practical and functional.

Best 10 Features Of Bella Russo Travel Bags

1. When it comes to travel, it’s all about practicality. Bella Russo makes sure their bags fit the bill in terms of functionality with plenty of pockets and space for your essentials.

2. The durable leather used in standard features such as a handle and strap offers both style and comfort as well as extra protection for your belongings.

3. Bella Russo bags have excellent storage space, enabling you to pack more items than other designer handbags without unnecessarily overloading or bulking up the bag.

4. Bella Russo travel bags are stylish as well as practical. They come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit every taste and outfit.

5. When it comes to style, you don’t have to compromise on functionality. Bella Russo offers an array of handbags that boast both form and function!

6. If you’re looking for versatile bags, look no further than Bella Russo luggage items. They are available as cross bodies, backpacks and more.

7. Bella Russo also offers a range of travel wallets. These handy items will keep all your bills, cards and receipts organized, saving you time and hassle!

8. If you prefer to keep all your belongings to hand, it’s easy with Bella Russo travel bags, thanks to their spacious interior and exterior pockets.

9. You’ll be able to move around easily with the comfortable handles that make even heavy loads easy to carry!

10 . If you’re looking for a stylish way to pack, Bella Russo travel bags are the perfect solution. They look great and make travelling that much more comfortable!

Specifications Of Bella Russo Travel Bags

1. Size24cm x 10cm x 33cm
2. MaterialGenuine leather
3. Weight0.8kgs
4. ColourCoffee coffee coffee; black, dark brown, and dark green; red hot coffee; khaki colour, teal blue and purple colour; camel and khaki green colours; red hot coffee and black colours
5. Packing gift boxYes
6. CertificateCE, ISO9001/ISO14001/BV/SGS
7. Custom serviceYes

Warranty Of Bella Russo Travel Bags

Bella Russo bags come with a full 3-year guarantee from the manufacturing date. This means that if your bag breaks or gets damaged before this period, Bella Russo will send you a replacement!

Bella Russo Travel Bags Shopping Tips

You can buy Bella Russo travel bags from online shops. You can buy online from Amazon or eBay. You can also get them from those shops which are only available online.

The most important thing is to have the product in your hand before buying.

It isn’t easy to choose a good quality and a genuine leather product because of its beautiful look, but it is not recommended to buy something without seeing it with your own eyes.

The material must be genuine, and the leather should not be plastic. The design should be the same as in the picture, and it should be comfortable when you touch it.

If a seller does not give these things, that seller is a swindler, so do not buy from them.

Find online shops with quality products and good customer services. Please choose the one that users have awarded for its good quality products.

How Much Is The Price Of The Bella Russo Travel Bags?

The price of the Bella Russo travel bags is $50 to $600.

The price of the Bella Russo travel bags varies from shop to shop and from product to product. You can find them in different brands, or you can look at fake products.

You have to pay a higher price to have original Bella Russo bags, but you will have another advantage.

An original product has excellent quality and the assurance that it will serve you for years after buying it.

If you want something cheaper, then buy a fake Bella Russo handbag.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Bella Russo Travel Bags?

The Bella Russo travel bags manufacturer is Bella Russo Company, located in Florence, Italy.

Bella Russo Company is a famous designer bag company that started a long time ago in 1958. Its history is linked with the leather manufacturing and tanning business.

Today, it has become one of the biggest internationally known brands producing high-quality items for men and women.

Since its foundation, Bella Russo Company has been working hard to preserve its values and ensure that its customers enjoy their shopping experience.

Bella Rousso Travel Bag Is The Way To Recognize The Real And Fake?

1. The Texture Of The Leather

If you have seen the real leather bags, you will find that it seems to be very rough, not like the plastic; but in some Bella Rousso fake bags, the surface feels it is extremely smooth.

2. Check Seams

You can feel a small seam in your fingers and press on it with your fingers. If a good bag doesn’t leave any mark on your fingers, there will be no gap between the two sides of the seam.

3. Check Hardware

Check the metal parts of the bag. If the surface is not bright enough, there may be some small scratches.

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4. Check Inside Pockets 

The real bag can be opened, and you can see that inside every pocket is also a large space.

5. Check The “B” Or “AR” Logo On The Bottom Of The Bag

If you have seen many Bella Rousso products, you will find that most of them will have this special logo on their bottom, which represents the company name.

6. Check The Stitching

The right direction of all stitches is also very important. If you see them incorrectly, it can not feel too comfortable when carrying them around.

7. Check The Front And Back Logo

You can find this logo on both sides of the bag, but sometimes there is no difference if some fake products have it a little more than others.

8. Check The Name Of The Manufacturer

The real bag is not perfect, and if you look carefully, you will find that it is not golden. But there might be some imperfection in the Bella Rousso fake products, or even this mistake can be found, which we usually do not like.

9. Check The Stitches On The Bottom

The right direction of all stitches is also very important. If you see them incorrectly, it can not feel too comfortable when carrying them around.

10. Check The Grain Of The Leather

If you get it in your hands, you will find that it cannot feel rough like plastic bags, and its touch is gentle, so if it is a fake bag, its surface will still be very smooth. Excellent quality Bella Rousso bags have a grain that goes in every direction.

The Advantage Of Using Bella Russo Travel Bags

1. High Quality

The Bella Russo travel bags are made from high-quality materials, and they are manufactured in Italy.

2. Authenticity

The Bella Russo products are of great quality, and you can be sure that you will get an original product with a high level of quality.

3. Luxury

When you buy a Bella Russo product, your purchase is not only a gift to yourself. It is also a gift to women worldwide who appreciate, respect and value luxury.

4. Comprehensiveness

If you are looking for a stylish and durable bag, Bella Russo is the right choice. Bella Russo travel bags are made with quality materials, and they are of high quality.

5. Comfort

The Bella Russo travel bags have a big interior space that can be turned into many other things, depending on your needs.

6. Best Design

The design of the Bella Russo bags is extraordinary, and it is not something that one can find in many other bags.

7. High Value

Bella Russo travel bags are high-quality items with a very good value for money.

8. Low Cost

If you choose the Bella Russo bags, you will get more for your money and pay less compared to other bags of this same quality.

9. Versatility

The Bella Russo travel bags are made with a large interior space that you can turn into many things. Therefore, they are well organized, and your items will not change position while travelling.

10. Cost-effectiveness

The Bella Russo travel bags have an excellent price-quality ratio, and they are more suitable for travellers with a low budget.

You can buy the Bella Russo products from various online shops.

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What Are Others Saying About The Bella Russo Travel Bags?

It is known from various e-commerce customers that the Bella Russo travel bags are of great quality and that their prices are low.  

People who have already bought the Bella Russo travel bags say that they are so practical and organize your things very well. They also add that this is a large volume and high-quality product.

People who recommend buying the Bella Russo travel bags say that they are worth their price, especially due to their capacity, durability, and design.

Difficulty Using Of Bella Russo Travel Bags

1. The Bella Russo travel bags are not so difficult to use.

2. The Bella Russo bags are not very difficult to use, but you still have to make some efforts to find the bags, pack them and organize them when you use them for the first time.

3. The Bella Russo travel bags are easy and uncomplicated to use, but you’ll need a little practice.

4. The Bella Russo travel bags are very easy out of the box, and they can fit into your everyday luggage easily as well.

5. The Bella Russo travel bags are very easy to use, but you’ll need some practice.

6. The Bella Russo travel bags are easy to use, but you still need some practice.


Bella Russo travel bags are a great choice for travelers who want to use an excellent quality product.

These stylish, comfortable, practical, and versatile travel bags can be used even in more ways than you can think of. They are durable and have a large interior space with many pockets. 

If you are looking for a gift, but do not know what to choose, then the Bella Russo travel bags are the right choice for you. They can be very useful for women who appreciate and respect luxury.

Buying fake Bella Russo travel bags is a huge mistake, and you will regret this purchase. The only thing you should do is buy real products from an original manufacturer.

If you have any further questions about this bag, please let us know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading this post.

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