Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag Review: Best 10 Features

The Morpilot pet travel carrier bag is the ultimate travel companion that is not only easy to use and lightweight but also durable and spacious.

This unique product has been cleverly designed with both dog owners and pet passengers in mind.

This bag can carry any animal, dog, or cat. However, it is suitable for cats of any size and small dogs. The lightweight, unisex design makes it perfect for use by both male and female dog owners.

Morpilot Dog of Cat travel bag has been designed with more than convenience in mind. The product is built to last and is often used by people all around the world, as well as being sold online, and has even won multiple awards.

The unique design, which is patented to be a first of its kind, gives users the freedom to have their pets sit or rest in a safe and secure environment during travel.

Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag Review

Morpilot pet travel carrier bag is specially designed. This bag comes with a blue bowl and a soft cushion so that your animal can relax. With this bag, you can take your pet on any trip. This will not be a problem for your pet.

This bag is made of polyester, which is very durable. The bag has a mesh on three sides, which allows light and air to circulate inside the bag. There is a pocket outside the bag to carry other things.

This bag is not easy to get dirty, and the bag is very easy to clean. This bag can easily remove stains and dirt from the surface with a soft bash. Inside the bag is a removable cushion that can be washed by hand or machine.

The bag is very easy to carry. The bag can also be used as a tote or shoulder bag with adjustable straps. The handles of this bag are very comfortable.

Morpilot pet travel carrier bag
Morpilot pet travel carrier bag

You can carry this bag on the handle of your trolley. The bag fits easily in any mode of transport such as airplane, train or car, etc. Apart from pets, you can also use this bag as a shoe or clothing bag.

This bag is very safe for pets. The bag is breathable and has ample space for ventilation.

Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag Of Specifications

1. MaterialPolyester
2. Dimensions16.93 x 11.02 x 3.15 inches 34.99
18.5 x 12.6 x 14.17 inches 43.99
11.81 x 2.99 x 16.93 inches
3. Weight3.4 Pounds (Approx)
4. Manufacturer‎morpilot
5. ColorBlack, Blue, Gray, Purple
6. SizeMedium &  Large

Best 10 Features Of Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag

1. High-Quality Material

The pet travel bag is made up of high-quality materials. This bag is made of thick and durable material. Polyester is used to make this bag. Polyesters are very durable, easy to clean, and soft to touch.

2. Roomy Interior

The Interior of the Morpilot pet travel carrier bag is very spacious, making it comfortable for your pets while reading or sleeping in the bag.

3. Available in Different Sizes

Morpilot pet travel carrier bag is available in different sizes to suit your pet and needs. You can choose the size that suits you and your pet.

4. Large Water Bowl

The bowl of this bag is made up of a high-quality material, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. This bowl also has a lid to cover your pet from dirt, dust, insects, or other harmful agents.

5. Wide Use

This dog bag can be used for an animal of any size. You just have to adjust the bag’s strap to make it fit your pet. In this way, you don’t have to carry your pet in your arms.

6. Lightweight

The lightweight Morpilot pet travel carrier bag makes it easy to carry and comfortable while carrying your arms or trolley handles. This bag weighs only 1.5kg.

7. Durable

The quality of the Morpilot pet travel carrier bag is very good. This bag can be used for years without any problem. The material is very strong and durable.

8. Easy to Clean

You can easily clean the bag with soap and water or wash it in a machine wash cycle. For carrying your pets from one place to another, this bag is essential for you.

9. Breathable And Safe

The bag is made up of a net on three sides. This net helps to let the air in and out of the bag easily. Your pet can breathe easily through this net.

10. Easy To Carry

The bag has handles on both ends, making it easy to carry from one place to another or store in your car, house or office, etc. With this pet carrier bag, you can carry your pet anywhere you want without any problem or difficulty.

Morpilot pet travel carrier bag
Morpilot pet travel carrier bag

How Much Is The Price Of The Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag?

The price of the bag is very good and affordable. The price of this bag depends on its size. If the size is different, the price is also different.

The prices are mentioned below:

  • Medium $34.99
  • Large $43.99

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Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag, Portable Pet Bag

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Where To Buy Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag?

If you plan to buy Morpilot pet travel carrier bag for your pets, you should visit the official website of this product. This will help you to get genuine products at a low price.

You should also check out various online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal, Walmart, etc. They provide discounted offers on different products.

It is best if you purchase from Amazon. Because Amazon always guarantees good products. If you do not have a choice after purchasing the product from here, you can return it at no cost.

And since many customers have already purchased and used this product from Amazon, they have shared their opinions there. You can see it if you want.

Of course, it is better to know the customer’s opinion before buying any product.

How To Clean Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag?

You can clean the bag using a soft cloth and mild detergent. This will not damage the bag or stain it in any way.

It would help if you also dried it after washing. It makes the product look bright and new.

The cushion in this bag, You can wash in the machine. With a soft brush, you can remove stains and light dirt.

What Are Others Saying About The Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag?

Many customers have purchased the Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag from Amazon and have received very good reviews about it. It’s rating on Amazon is 4.6 out of 5.00. Below is some customer feedback:

“My husband bought this bag for use as a carrier on holiday. He has used it on several occasions and is delighted with it. The quality is very good, and he feels that the bag’s capacity is adequate for his needs. It can also be used as a pet transport bag.

“The bag was purchased for a 7-year-old Bassett hound. The carrier is roomy, comfortable, and easy to use. The harness adjusts with a simple slide on/off strap and buckle closure- simple as that.

It seems to be well built with heavy-duty zippers, sized for large dogs, and the two handles (one on each side) make it easy to carry.


Since this pet carrier bag is made of the best materials, it can be used for years without any problem. The size of the bag is very good, and you can adjust it to suit your needs. This pet carrier bag is very lightweight and comfortable to carry.

This helps you know about the Morpilot pet travel carrier bag. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me through the comment box below. Hope this information will be helpful to you and your pets.

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What Size Pet Carrier Will Fit Under An Airline Seat?

Any size of this bag will fit easily under an airline seat. This bag fits easily in airlines, buses, trains, or other vehicles.

Do Airlines Measure Pet Carrier?

Yes, some airlines measure pet carriers before allowing the pet to travel in them.

Can I Use This For A Small Kitten?

Yes, this bag can be used for kittens also. It can accommodate animals of any size and weight. But remember that kittens grow quickly, so you have to buy the bag according to its current size.

Can I Use The Shoulder Strap In The Pet Carrier Bag?

Yes, you can use the shoulder strap in your pet carrier bag. It is very comfortable. If you use a whip, both hands will be free. So you use the whip.

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