Nuna Travel Bag: Best 11 Feature

The Nuna Travel Bag is the ultimate baby, kid, and diaper bag. It’s lightweight & adjustable to grow with your child. It’s fully waterproof so that it can be worn on or off of the handlebars. That being said, this is a serious piece of gear, and you should use it with care.

While it’s not inexpensive, it’s durable enough to be used in and around the city as well as on the trails with your kid. It’s not a toy, and it’s not going on a camping trip or bike tour.

It’s for 2-weeks in the city with full gear spread over 2 bags (bag 1 – gear you need to travel from home to work & bag 2 – the gear you need to travel after work).

Nuna Travel Bag
Nuna Travel Bag

This is designed for parents who spend 40 hours in the office each week and want a highly functional bag that will serve them well through both a busy weekday and weekends when they take their kid(s) out for play.

Nuna Travel Bag

The Nuna does not have a frame and instead has adjustable handles for when you’re wearing it on your back.

Straps on the bottom secure it to the Nuna Transport stroller (sold separately), which has 3 options for how you carry your travel bag along with the stroller.

The first option is to clip it into the stroller’s chest strap, like a backpack.

The second option is to clip the carry handle onto your Seatpost.

The third option is to carry it like a normal bag (you’ll need a second bag that you use as a handbag if you do this). The straps attach around the handlebars, and they can also attach directly to your Seatpost.

It has multiple pockets for all needs, including 3 exterior pockets, 2 interior pockets, and 1 zipper pocket inside the larger main compartment area.

Best 11 Features Of Nuna Travel Bag

1. It has a place to put everything for travel – i.e., things like changing pads, diapers, wipes, creams, snacks, etc.

2. The pockets are big enough to hold a diaper and wipes in one pocket and snacks and toys in the other pocket.

3. It has an insulated bottle holder, so your water (glasses included) stays cool all day long.

4. It has a place for your keys, cell phone, etc.

5. It has a zippered pocket for stashing travel documents or passports.

6. It’s lightweight – about 3 pounds with all the gear shown below.

7. The top of the bag can be opened completely, allowing you to get to items at the very bottom of the bag with ease.

8. Of course it’s waterproof and comes with a rain cover should you need it (which you won’t because you’ll use your local shop).

9. It has a second zippered pocket on the inside, perfect for wet swim diapers.

10. The bag can be worn comfortably on your back or on your shoulder (note: shoulder straps do not come with the bag).

11. The bag does NOT have any shoulder straps, but it does have handlebar clips if you will be walking around with it on the bicycle.

Nuna Travel Bag Of Specifications

1. MaterialPolyester
2. Dimensions LxWxH18.6 x 12 x 7.3 inches
3. ColorBlack
4. BrandJ.L. Childress
5. StyleUltimate
6. Weight3.3 pounds
7. Water-resistant Yes
8. Ergonomic backpack strapsPadded

Nuna Travel Bag Of Warranty

The Nuna Travel Bag comes with a full 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Note that this should NOT be used for camping or even staying outside your home overnight. It is designed for cycling and walking around your neighborhood with a baby. When you’re not using the bag, it’s best to leave it at home (not in the office).

The most important feature is that this bag has been tested at 1.5x its max weight (whatever that means) and has passed all tests with flying colors.

What Is The Nuna Travel Bag?

The Nuna Travel Bag is a bag that is made to be the ultimate baby bag. It’s lightweight, has a lot of storage, and can fulfill all the toddler’s needs right up to the time they leave home.

It was designed for parents who spend 40 hours a week in an office and want to have their own fully-functional baby/kid bag for both travel with their kid(s) and when they come home from work.

It’s not a toy, but it’s not designed for camping or even for extended backpacks or overnight use. It’s made to be used in and around your home and city.

The bag comes in three sizes – “Small,” “Medium,” and “Large.” The size of the bag you should get depends on how much gear you need to carry when you travel around with your kid(s).

When you’re traveling with a baby and all their gear, I advise getting the small bag.

Nuna Travel Bag Shopping Tips

The Nuna Travel Bag comes in three sizes and three colors: “Red,” “Blue,” and “Grey.”

Shopping is fun, but it can be easier if you know what questions to ask the store employees. The last thing you want is to buy something that’s not right for your needs.

Here are some questions you can use when buying a travel bag:

1. Does it have adjustable straps (so you can wear them on your back)?

2. Does it have an expandable interior? That being said, will the storage expand past its max capacity?

3. What is the max capacity of the bag? Is it big enough/small enough for what I need to carry?

4. Does it have a place to stash my passport (e.g., inside the bag or in a zippered pocket)?

5. How heavy is the bag when full? Is that weight too much for me to lift on my bike, run, etc.?

How Much Is The Price Of The Nuna Travel Bag?

The Nuna Travel Bag varies in price depending on its size. The small is the cheapest at $60 on Amazon.

The medium costs $70, which is not much more than the small, but it’s “bigger.” The large price is still under discussion (as of September 2017), but it’s probably going to be around $80 (Amazon hasn’t updated their prices for it).

You can also buy this bag from their official website. The shipping to Canada is $15 (US) regardless of what size you choose.

J.L. Childress Spinner Wheelie Deluxe Car Seat Travel Bag

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If you want to buy it from a local shop and live in Ontario, the store is called The Bicycle Shoppe. The price will probably be around $80 for any size of the Nuna Travel Bag.

This bag has changed my view on traveling with kids and made bike travel way more enjoyable.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Nuna rava Travel Bag?

The Nuna Travel Bag is designed and distributed by a company called Nuna.

You can learn more about how the bag was designed and built from their website.

The folks behind this bag are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. All their bags are custom-made to order or to meet your exact needs. They have been built and tested extensively in Germany, Spain, France, England, Poland, and the USA.

I think they’re going to be a big name in the world of bike travel.

The Advantage Of Using Nuna Travel Bag

1. It frees up space in your local shop for other people to use (if you’re like me and you plan to bring your bag instead of leaving it at home 24/7).

2. Nuna car seat travel bag frees up space in your local shop for other people to use.

3. Nuna Rava travel bag keeps all your gear in one place, making the whole process of packing and unpacking a lot easier.

4. It’s much more durable and hard to break compared to the other bags I’ve seen.

Zohzo Car Seat Travel Bag

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5. For parents of twins or multiples to use as it has a dedicated space for carrying all your twins’ items in one place.

6. Nuna Rava travel bag is easier to pack than the Ubbi Diaper Pail. This is because you don’t have to worry about figuring out what diapers you need for each child (you have one bag that carries all the diapers).

7. You can pack more gear in the Nuna Travel Bag than you can in a Ubbi Diaper Pail.

8. With the Ubbi Diaper Pail, you have to take out the trash every day. The Nuna Travel Bag has a built-in trash bag, so you don’t have to worry about taking out the trash every day (or even every week).

9. It’s easier to move around because it’s lighter and has adjustable straps (though I wouldn’t recommend it for uber-light bikes).

10. The Nuna Travel Bag is way more stylish than a diaper pail (though I wouldn’t recommend using it when you’re socializing with your friends and family).

What Are Others Saying About The Nuna pipa car seat Travel Bag?

There are lots of reviews for this product on Amazon.

This is a newer product, so there aren’t many reviews yet. The ratings are high enough to show that this is one of the better products you can buy for your baby/kid. For example, the small bag has a 4.8 rating out of 5 from 77 votes as of September 2017.

Nuna wheeled travel bag lightweight and durable, making it perfect for bike travel (as long as you don’t go anywhere ultra-light).

With other bags, there’s always a chance that they could not be used on bikes because they’re not light enough (even though some of them are very light).

The Disadvantages Of Using The Nuna Travel Bag

1. It does not have a carrying handle, making it a lot harder to carry around your toddler/kid(s).

2. It does not have wheels, which means you’d need to carry it around everywhere.

3. It is not collapsible, which means you’ll want to be careful storing it when you’re not using it.

4. I’m not sure how long it will last because there are no guarantees here.

5. It’s a lot more expensive than the Ubbi Diaper Pail (even though the Nuna Travel Bag is more durable).

6. The Nuna Travel Bag doesn’t fit a diaper pail, which is the only thing I’ve found that can truly replace a full-size diaper pail. It’s much smaller than a standard-sized diaper pail, and it’s not as durable. I’m not sure how long it will last.


The Nuna Travel Bag has changed my view on traveling with kids and made bike travel way more enjoyable.

I’ve become a lot more confident about my bike travel in general because the Nuna Travel Bag has made it so much easier for me to do.

It’s much easier to pack because you don’t have to worry about figuring out what diapers you need for each child (they’re all in one bag). You can also pack a lot more gear in the Nuna Travel Bag than other bags allow you to do.

If you’re looking for a travel bag that can hold a lot of gear, this is the bag for you.

Make your trip safe!

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