Orvis Dog Travel Bag: Best 10 Advantages Of Using

Orvis dog travel bag helps keep your dog comfortable on the road, whether it’s a short drive or an extended road trip. Orvis created this bag to make travel with your pet as easy and comfortable as possible.

It has everything you need for days in the backcountry, including two water bottles, bowls, and two collapsible leashes.

Plus, it has an easy-to-use top-loading zipper secured with two heavy-duty metal hooks. The bag also has plenty of pockets so you can store all your gear and keep it safe.

Orvis dog travel bag
Orvis dog travel bag

The Orvis dog travel bag is perfect for keeping your entire pack organized and divided into separate compartments.

You can use this top carrying tote with the included dividers, so you don’t have to dig through a big mess of stuff accumulated in previous trips.

Orvis Dog Travel Bag

The Orvis dog travel bag is lightweight, so it is also perfect for travel as an escape bag or emergency travel kit. This top-loading dog carrying case has enough space to fit everything you might need on a day hike or even in the backcountry, making this bag ideal for long camping trips and weekend camping adventures.

The durable material used to build this bag will last for many years without major damage or wear and tear from use.

Most importantly, Orvis food storage bags are reusable and recyclable, so your dog can use them repeatedly.

The Orvis dog travel bag is designed for extreme travel. The bag absorbs the potential shock points and is lightweight, so your dog can be out exploring in comfort, even on long trips.

It keeps their food dry and makes them comfortable enough to sleep anywhere or climb mountains without difficulty while you ponder snowy peaks with a bear bell at the ready!

Orvis also has different versions of this top-loading carrying case that are more expensive depending on what accessories.

Best 10 Features Of Orvis Dog Travel Bag

1. Space-Saving Design

The bag is lightweight, so you can pack it down and store it in tight spaces or on the top shelf of a camping gearcase. The quality zippers will ensure food stays dry, even during very rainy or humid trips, without waterproof enclosures.

2. Large Food Opening Area

Perfect for dog or cat food containers or water bowls and accessories. There is plenty of interior space to store gear on a camping trip without difficulty or pack into an emergency travel bag.

3. Ventilated Top-Loading Design Is Easy Access Point

The removable divider panel keeps the inner case clean, so it’s ready when you break out your goodies at the end of the hiking day. Open up panels and separate leftovers or dry food for the next adventure without cleaning out or continually stowing open containers.

4. Reinforced Lightweight Polyurethane Hard-Sided Case Is Watertight

Great bag for travel, camping, and dog pack backpacking! The polyurethane fillers are sided air vents in the shoulder strap area that will speed up any luggage fee put into place when carrying this around your dog or cat backpacking gear on a trip; plus, it is watertight.

5. Adjustable Shoulder Strap With Soft Inner Pad For Comfort

This bag has a lightweight polyurethane case that can be adjusted to fit any dog or cat size depending on their build and how you pack the bag; use straps or cinch down areas to relieve pressure points, especially if your dog likes to lay around all day like a puppy on top of stuff!

The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to pack the bag or strap down small dog food containers, water bowls, and accessories.

6. Soft Nylon Lining Inside

Premium lightweight nylon material at the top of each bag that is watertight ensures the padded straps are protected and will not get moldy or moist during storage or travel.

7. Strong Polypropylene Side Air Vents Are Easily Adjustable

Air vents in shoulder strap pads help reduce and dissipate hot-spot pressure points.

8. Removeable divider panel allows each bag to be clean or used as a grey food bag, travel accessories holder, or dog leash straps for carrying daily items around your cat’s neck when traveling! Removable shoulder straps can be used as a leash on the go or messenger bag.

9. Insulated Space At Top Of Each Divider Compartment Food Storage Area

Keeps cold water ice pack frozen bottles in place if needed and keeps hot foods warm enough to keep them safe through the hike!

10. Folds Flat Or Rolls Up With Its Carrying Strap

Pack away flat or carry dog food accessories around town or as leash straps when you walk your dog.

Specifications Of Orvis Dog Travel Bag

1. Material:Polypropylene case, watertight foam padded straps.
2. Size: 10 x 8″ or 16(L)x 10 (W) inches mesh bag.
3. Color:Black or coyote and snow-out.
4. Uses:food, travel accessories holder dog leash straps for walking your dog.
5. Weight:1 pound or 42 ounces.

Warranty Of Orvis Dog Travel Bag

This bag gives a warranty for 1 year or a lifetime of heavy-duty use.

However, if you purchase from the e-commerce site Amazon, you can change this bag again if you do not like it after the purchase.

What Is The Orvis Dog Travel Bag?

The Orvis dog travel bag is one of the best dog travel bags out there.

It is designed for serious adventurers who love their pets the most.

It has good quality for all your outdoor excursions with your canine friends, designed to get everything you need for a successful backpacking trip or outing in one convenient place. The design and material used to build this bag make it perfect for camping trips, long weekend adventures with your pet, and of course, extreme travel.

Orvis Dog Travel Bag Shopping Tips

1. Purchase It From Ecommerce Site Amazon

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product or your pet does not like products, you can return it to the online store Amazon.

So, if you want to shop Orvis dog travel bag, there are many options. The most secure way is to buy it from Amazon.

Amazon has been known as a very reliable e-commerce site, and they have been selling products for many years without any problems.

2. Buy Orvis Dog Travel Bag From Manufacturer

If you want to purchase the dog travel bag from the official website of Orvis company, you will find it is not as good as the Amazon store.

But, it is still one of the best products that can be offered for sale by any manufacturer.

And, it will be more pricey than other products from other stores and websites.

How Much Is The Price Of The Orvis Dog Travel Bag?

The Orvis dog travel bag is a very expensive product, but it has features that make it worth every penny.

This top-loading canvas dog food bag has all the features and benefits of higher-end products but allows you to choose the size you need.

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The price can be adjusted depending on your dog or cat, so the price will be higher if you decide to purchase a large size and lower if you need a medium or small case.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Orvis Dog Travel Bag?

The Orvis dog travel bag manufacturer is The Orvis Company, based in Lincoln, NE.

For many years, the company has been making tools and gadgets for outdoors people.

The company has a wide variety of products, dog travel bags, and other pet-inspired products.

If you are interested in reading more about their products, you can use a customer service phone number listed on the Orvis site.

The Advantage Of Using Orvis Dog Travel Bag

1. Easy To Use

You do not have to take a lot of time to set up this bag. Just open the zippers on one side, and insert your dog food in the canister.

Unfold the zippers and open the other side when ready to use it. And now you can easily remove and use your dog food.

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2. Storage Capacity

This dog food bag has two big compartments that you can use for storing your pet’s food. It gives you different options for how you want to keep your dog’s food.

You can use one compartment to store dry dog food and the other for any other items that may need to be stored with the dog food. These items might include a water bowl, several bags of treats, etc.

3. Waterproof

This dog food bag is waterproof.

It is designed to withstand rain, snow, and wildlife. So, you do not have to worry about your pet’s food getting wet or spoiled.

4. Lightweight

This dog bag is water-resistant and made of premium materials, so it does not become heavy when it becomes wet with condensation from the cold weather.

Also, it does not get too heavy, even though you may have to pack a lot of dog food.

5. Easy To Clean

The Orvis dog travel bag is extremely easy to clean. You can wipe it with a damp cloth or antimicrobial wipes if you want to do it quickly.

If you want something more thorough, you will have to wash it with soap and water.

6. Made For All Breeds

This bag is designed for dog breeds or dog food brands or products. You will not have to buy it separately if you want a bag that fits all these breed categories because accessories are available within the travel case.

 And, of course, storage accessories like food bowls and treats can be purchased separately.

7. Escape-Proof

This product is designed to ensure your dog food bag cannot be damaged or destroyed during a common dog travel failure that occurs while in the water.

It prevents water damage and will not allow air pockets or holes due to normal wear and tear from use into allowing food contents, dirt, or molding air sink out, which could lead to harmful bacteria growth within the bag.

8. Treat-proof

The dog travel bag is designed to ensure your pet’s food intake will not be affected or spoiled by the water while it stores them away inside.

The construction of this bag ensures that if normal airborne bacteria and mold manage to sink out during use, you can safely wipe all air pockets clean with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipes right after mealtime with no contamination issue occurring at all as long as you keep.

9. Portable

This bag is extremely lightweight and can be set up or taken down in a matter of minutes.

So, if you want to go for a long hiking adventure involving dog food bags compared to coming home from such an experience with a water-logged or moldy dog food bag, it would make more sense as choosing this travel case that comes equipped with accessories like carrying handles along with extra pockets.


This lightweight dog food bag is designed to be water-resistant and capable of being safe from almost every water or spill hazards like spills or flooding and keeping air pockets that could cause bleeding problems.

It helps you avoid dealing with costly vet bills and has important accessories for dogs who travel in the car, such straps customers can attach inside their vehicle seats.

What Are Others Saying About The Orvis Dog Travel Bag?

Customers are very satisfied with the dog food bag and feel it is durable. They used to take their dog camping in a tent or outside, but now they travel for long periods, such as backpacking trips or weekend drives.

You can pack everything needed for one dog’s needs without worrying about water-related issues like moldy food that could cause vet bills or contaminate air pockets due to normal wear-and-tear down.

Difficulty Using Of Orvis Dog Travel Bag

1. Passage

As a dog food bag, the Orvis travel bag is quite small, so it cannot be used as a traditional carry-on or wheeled suitcase.

2. Dog Food Bag Straps

The dog travel bag features straps designed to help keep the bag in place, such as securing a pet’s food or water bottle inside.

3. Dog Food Bag As Dog Car Accessories

You may want to think about attaching straps or carrying handles for a dog travel case that is especially meant to be put into the trunk of your car’s seats.

4. Material More water-resistant Purchase more straps Regular Washable Work well in wet conditions Pretty good lightweight design No additional pockets.

5. Orvis Dog Travel Bag Accessories

The most important accessory you can use with the dog food bag is a strap leash. These straps help prevent your pet from tethered for long periods or possibly wandering off or catching something because owners may be using it as luggage.


The Orvis dog travel bag is a great travel case for dogs and can be used for many different purposes. You can use it for camping or even backpacking trips or weekend drives, but the air-tight food bag helps you keep your dog’s food dry and clean as well as prevents air pockets from occurring in their food bag.

If you have any further questions about this bag, be sure to comment below.

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