5 Best Pillow Travel Bag Review

The Pillow Travel Bag isn’t just a cute travel bag to help keep your bed pillows from being squashed or wrinkled during your travels.

After traveling, sleep becomes an essential part of life for everyone. And for a good night’s sleep after the trip, a pillow is essential for your choice. You can keep the pillow of your choice in a separate bag as per your choice while traveling.

The bag should be light and water-resistant to hold your pillow while traveling so that you can carry the bag very easily without any problem. It’s better if the bag is made of cloth. So, you have different options in front of you. If this is not done properly, your pillow can get wrinkled or broken due to mishandling during travels.

But for some people, it isn’t easy to find a suitable bag for their travel pillow, and then they will have to compromise with something that does not meet their needs.

You can use the pillow travel bag for other purposes besides the pillow. These bags are extremely durable and strong, which will not break easily.

These bags can be easily placed in the back of your car. You can even keep it on the handle of your suitcase, and it’s so light.

5 Best Pillow Travel Bag Reviewed

Most people like to keep their luggage on their backs. It is common for a person who travels for a job or college. So, this is one of the best pillow bags that you can choose.

It has an adjustable strap that keeps the pillow in position without causing any damage to the pillow.

The bag will not scratch your bedsheets while traveling with it because it is made with waterproof and non-scratch material, so your pillow won’t get damaged while traveling with this bag. You can carry something light other than a pillow (such as a bedsheet).

Below is a description of the 5 best different bags

1. Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

Narwey Travel Pillow Bag is made of non-scratch, water-resistant material. So your pillow will not get damaged while traveling in this bag.

Pillow Travel Bag
Pillow Travel Bag Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

The bag has a small pocket that you can use to put nail or pencil, cell phone, and many other small things. It also has two large pockets that you can use to keep other stuff in it.

So that when you go out, your travel bag will not look bulky or heavy with unnecessary things.

This bag you can use during any other travel (e.g., sports, gym use, yoga, travel, weekend shopping, overnight, camping and picnic).

Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

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Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Information

1. MaterialWaterproof fabric
2. Dimensions18 x 13 x 6.3 inches
3. Item Weight5.3 ounces
4. Capacity  25L
5. ManufacturerInfinity
6. Country of OriginChina
7. Price   $11.99

2. Misslo Water Resistant Thick Over Size Storage Bag

MISSLO Water Resistant Thick Over Size Storage Bag is a pillow travel bag. It has an extra-wide storage bag that you can use to hold many different things, whether a pillow, bedsheet, or cushion.

It can easily fit into the space of your suitcase, back seat of your car, or anywhere else you want to keep your bag.

According to their product specification, the bag is very light in weight and non-scratch. There are large clear windows on two sides and open zippers on three sides to see what is inside the bag.

The bag’s webbing handles are protected by an extra seam of more than 12 inches, so you can confidently use it. The bag can be placed anywhere empty and can be folded very easily.

The bag can very nicely hold heavy items such as blankets, toys, shoes, wrapping paper, and banners.

The bag weighs more than 10 liters, two full-size comfortables, and 3/4 growing pillows can be easily carried.

MISSLO Water Resistant Thick Over Size Storage Bag

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Misslo Water Resistant Thick Over Size Storage Bag Details

1. MaterialDurable Oxford Fabric
2. Dimensions (LxWxH)28 x 13 x 17 inches
3. Item Weight5.3 ounces
4. Capacity10 liters
5. ColorGrey
6. BrandMISSLO
7. ZipperClosure Type
8. Price$14.99

3. Polecasa 105l Extra Large Storage Bag

The Polecasa Storage Bag is lead-free and cadmium-free linen fabric with very thick PE packing. It prevents moisture without a lasting odor.

It is completely flexible, low density, and lightweight. The bag can be folded into a small triangle and easily fits into your suitcase or bag.

The bag comes with an adjustable strap that can carry the bag on your shoulder while traveling. It’s very easy to carry the bag even in crowded places.

The bag has a sturdy handle with 2-inch cross-stitching so that you can use it with confidence. The zippers on the bag are strong.

The bag is large enough to hold a pillow. Apart from pillows, you can also keep any other items in the bat (such as blankets, clothes, sheets, bedding, etc.).

Polecasa 105L Extra Large Storage Bag

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Polecasa 105L Extra Large Storage Bag Information

1. MaterialFabric
2. Dimensions (LxWxH)27.5 x 19.7 x 11.8 inches
3. Item Weight15.2 ounces
4. Capacity105L/ 27 Gallon
5. ColorGrey
6. BrandPolecasa
7. ZipperClosure Type
8. ManufacturerPolecasa
9. Price  $12.99
10. ShapeRectangular

4. Zober Underbed Storage Bag

The ZOBER Underbed Storage Bag is made of PVC material and is puncture resistant. It is a very soft and pliable material which makes it lightweight with amazing quality.

The bag is large enough to hold a pillow. Besides the pillow, you can keep other stuff like blankets and clothes.

The bag has extra large storage pockets that will help you keep more things in it. The bag is completely waterproof, which helps keep your pillows dry even if it rains or gets wet.

The bag fits well into any suitcase, backpack, or luggage bag.

ZOBER Underbed Storage Bag

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Zober Underbed Storage Bag Information

1. MaterialVinyl
2. Dimensions (LxWxH)9.29 x 7.09 x 5.31 inches
3. BrandWappa Home
4. Price  $27.99
5. ColorPurple
6. ManufacturerWappa

5. Vieshful Clear Clothes Storage Bag

The Vieshful Clear Clothes Storage Bag is made from plaster and waterproof. Items in the bag protect against dust, dirt, and moisture.

The bag is very light in weight and waterproof. The bag can carry a lot of stuff. You can also use this bag as a shopping bag.

This bag has got a large storage bag that you can use to keep a large number of clothes in it.

It is transparent and see-through, so you can keep track of things, especially traveling with kids.

Vieshful Clear Clothes Storage Bag

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Vieshful Clear Clothes Storage Bag Information

1. MaterialPolyester Blend
2. Dimensions (LxWxH):42 x 18 x 6 inches
3. Item Weight‎‎15.2 ounces
4. ColorBlack
5. Price  $11.99
6. ShapeRectangular
7. Manufacturer‎Zober

Where To Buy Pillow Travel Bag?

Pillow Travel Bags You can purchase these from anywhere. But please buy it from a safe place. Bags are always best purchased from a reliable source.

You can purchase it from any shopping center or different e-commerce site. If you buy these from Amazon’s online-based e-commerce site, you can be sure because they guarantee good products.

Many customers have purchased the above pillow travel bag from Amazon, and you can also know their reaction.


Pillow Travel Bags can be very useful to carry around your pillow while traveling because it is very lightweight and easy to carry.

This is a very good travel accessory which everyone can use. We hope you like our article on the main points of the above review article on pillow travel bags. 

If you have any queries about pillow travel bags or other bags, please leave your question/comment below.

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Does Any Pillow Travel Bag Have Capacity For More Than One Pillow?

Only some of the bags can more than one pillow, but not all of them will fit into this category.

How To Wash The Pillow Travel Bag?

Only wash with cold water and dry with a dry cloth. Do not wash with bleach or other chemicals.

Are These Pillow Travel Bag Waterproof?

Yes, all the bags are waterproof, but some are more water-resistant and better than others.

Should I Liner My Pillow When I Put It In A Travel Bag?

No, you need not liner your pillows again, even if it is a travel bag, because the material of most travel bags is water-resistant and will retain the moisture inside and keep your pillow safe from dust and moisture.

Does The Pillow Travel Bag Have Any Zip On It?

Only two of them have a zip, but the other bags are not.

Is It Durable And Reliable To Carry Around My Pillow While Traveling?

Yes, they are very good and strong to carry around while traveling. They will protect your pillows from moisture and dust.
I hope you enjoyed and learned from this article about the best pillow travel bag.

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