Porper Cue Case Travel Bag: Best 10 Features

The porper cue case travel bag is perfect for the traveling pro or the serious player. This bag is durable vinyl leather double stitching with grade A black vinyl leather case with extra padding. This construction allows for a durable case that will withstand a lot of punishment when traveling.

It has 3 large pockets on the outside, one on each side, and 2 pockets in front. It also has 2 large pockets that are perfect for storing jump and break cues on the inside.

The most important feature of this case is that it has a key lock closure to help prevent someone from stealing your cue while traveling.

It is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap that makes the case easy to carry. This bag can hold the shaft up to 32 “L, and Cues and shafts can fit in either direction. There is a handle on the side of the case to carry it very easily.

This travel bag is specifically designed for pool players and will protect your cue investment very well.

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Porper Cue Case Travel Bag

The bag has a tiered inner pocket. The bag is equipped with a pair of handles, which can carry the bag.

The bag is very nice to look at and very comfortable to use. It has an adjustable shoulder strap of length 48 to 52 inches in length.

The bag is black, and it is made of leather and vinyl. The bag also has a key lock closure that helps to keep your cues safe when traveling.

This travel case by Porper is specifically designed as a pool cue case. It can carry 3 butts and 6 shafts safely.

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Best 10 Features Of The Porper Cue Case Travel Bag

1. Durable Material

The bag use vinyl leather material to make the bag is very durable. This makes the bag reliable, and you can use it for a long time. Also, the material is waterproof, so your cues will never be harmed.

2. Carrying Options

Carrying this case is very easy because it has a shoulder strap that you can carry wherever you go. You can also hang it anywhere you like and still access your cues anytime you need them.

Porper cue case travel bag
Porper cue case travel bag

3. It Is Equipped With A Zipper Closure

To make sure that you can keep your cue safe, this travel case has a zipper closure. The zipper helps prevent thieves from making off with your cues while you are out in the pool room.

4. It Has 2 Pockets In Front And 2 In Back

The top pockets can store other things that you want to keep handy when traveling. You can also store jump cues, balls, or break sticks in these pockets.

5. The Case Has A Key Lock And A Zipper Closure

This case can be locked with a key to ensuring that your cues are kept safe. This will prevent people from stealing them from you to give them to a rival.

6. The Case Is Waterproof

This travel case can be exposed to water or used in rainy weather. So no matter the weather, your cues will always be kept safe.

7. It Has A Strap Lock System That Keeps It Shut

The bag has a strap to keep it as shut and compact as possible while traveling. The belt helps to prevent the bag from opening up and spilling out your cues into the back of your vehicle or next to you on an airplane, bus, or train.

8. It Has A Soft Inner Lining

The case has a soft inner lining protecting your cues from scratching and denting. The bag is made to protect your cues while they are in transit.

9. A Storage Pouch Is Included

The case is designed to hold up to 3 butts and 6 shafts safely, but it also comes with extra space for you to store more if you need it. The storage can come in handy for the long trip so that you do not have to worry about running out of room for your equipment.

10. The Bag Has A Full Front And Back Zipper

The whole case has an inner and outer zipper that can enclose the cue if you plan on doing outside activities. You can also use it to keep the cue from drying out by blocking the air from getting in or out of the case.

Porper Cue Case Travel Bag Specifications

1. MaterialVinyl leather case
2. Closure TypeZipper
3. Upper accessory compartment dimensionswidth 4 inches, Length 7 inches
4. Lower accessory compartment dimensionswidth 4 inches, Length 15 inches
5. Cue storage capacity3 Butt x 6 Shaft
6. Weight3.2 lbs
7. ColorBlue, Grey & Turquoise
8. Brand NameGator
9. ManufacturerChampion Sport Co

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Porper Cue Case Travel Bag

1. This bag is very useful for pool players. There is enough space in this bag to keep pool equipment. This is why you may like this bag.

2. You can use this travel bag for any activity you have. If you are traveling, you can use this case. This is useful for traveling.

3. The size of the bag is very small, and it is perfect for carrying your pool equipment with you anywhere that you go.

4. You can carry the bag easily with your hand because it has a strap in the front of the case to help carry it easily. It can also be hung on your back if needed to keep your cues safe in transit

5. This bag is very durable because it uses vinyl leather material. This makes the bag durable and will last for a long time.

6. You can use the zip lock closure to keep your cues safe while traveling because it has a zipper-lock closure.

How Much Is The Price Of The Porper Cue Case Travel Bag?

The price of this case is very low, and it is affordable. You can choose different colors from the following:

  • A152 Blue Case: $137.00
  • A152 Grey Case: $147.00
  • A152 Turquoise Case: $137.000

Click here to see the latest price on Amazon

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Where To Buy Porper Cue Case Travel Bag?

You can buy this case in your local stores. You can purchase it from Amazon, eBay, or any other online store of your choice.

But before you buy this bag, you need to know the response of the customers of that online store.

It is best if you purchase it from Amazon. Because many customers are already buying and using this bag from here, you can easily know the customers’ response from here if you want.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Porper Cue Case Travel Bag?

The manufacturer of this bag is ‎Champion Sports Co. It has been a manufacturer of pool accessories for more than forty years.

This company is a manufacturer of many products. You can purchase bags from this company’s website if you wish.

The Advantage Of Using Porper Cue Case Travel Bag

1. It’s Lightweight

The bag is lightweight, and you will not be tired of carrying it. The weight of the case is three pounds, and the weight of the case is only.

2. The Quality Is Top Class

If you have any problems with your cue when traveling, this bag will help protect your cues from damage.

3. It Comes With A Strap

This bag has a strap to help you carry your case. It is very easy to carry this case with the help of the strap that is attached to it.

4. It Is Well Made

This cue travel bag is well made, and it has great fabric quality making it durable and perfect. This will make you sure that you can use this bag for a long time.

5. It Has Enough Space For Your Cues

If you have many cues, this bag will be perfect for you. It has a lot of space that you can use to keep your cues. It comes with two pockets in the front and two pockets in the back.

6. You Can Store Your Sticks In The Case

If you want to store your break cue case at home, it will be useful to keep it there safely because of the material. This bag is great for storage if you want to keep it at home safely.

7. It Is Easy To Carry

If you are going to play outdoors, you will not be worried about the bag because it is very easy to carry it around.

8. It Does Not Cost Much

The price of this cue travel bag is very low, and you can order it from an online store. If we compare the price with another purse, then this case’s price is cheaper than any other purse.

9. You Can Choose Different Colors From The Following

There are many colors that you can choose from. You may like a specific color, and it’s in our case. We have listed all the colors below for your convenience:

  • A152 Blue Case
  • A152 Grey Case
  • A152 Turquoise Case

10. It Has A Good Quality Zipper

This bag has good quality zippers that keep your cues safe and away from water damage when transporting them. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the purchase of this bag.

How To Clean Porper Cue Case Travel Bag?

If you want to clean your bag, you can clean your backpack by yourself using an air compressor. This will make your bag look new again.

If you want to maintain this bag well, you have to dry it up before storing it in a storage room.

You can see the catalog of this bag to clean this bag.

What Are Others Saying About The Porper Cue Case Travel Bag?

Read the following reviews, and you will see how many people are satisfied with the use of this bag.

I would recommend it to everyone. I bought two… They were a little thinner than expected, but they held my cues great.

I love how it has a strap that can carry around when not in use. Overall, couldn’t beat the price for such a great product!!

I just received this case yesterday, and it is everything I expected and more…


The Porper Cue Case Travel Bag is one of the best travel bags for pool players. This bag is small and lightweight, but it is perfect as a travel case. If you are going on a trip with your friends, this bag will be great to keep your cues safe.

This bag is compact and light, yet it holds so many cues. The zipper closure will ensure that you can keep your cues safe when traveling with the bag in transit.

If we have helped you, share this article with your friends and let them know how good this case is.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

Thank’s for reading!

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