Progressive Care Travel Nursing Jobs and Salary: Best 3 Way PCU Nursing Jobs

Progressive care travel nursing is a type of health care system which is often adapted to the needs of patients and people living in different social conditions. This concept is called “provider-led healthcare,” where nurses are considered providers. This concept is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). This concept is widely applied in the USA today in hospitals and nursing homes.

This article is for those who are always ready to serve people with professionalism. In this post, learn how to become a progressive care travel nurse, where to start, how to get this job, how much money progressive care travel nurses make, and much more. Advanced care travel nurses are well paid. They usually get paid every week.

Many industrialized countries have introduced this concept to make patient-centered care. Especially, Japan, Sweden, Germany, and Finland have developed or advanced in this healthcare field. Each country has different characteristics which are presented, and progressive care travel nursing is commonly referred to as “provider-led” or “patient-centered care.” The main difference varies from one country to another.

Progressive care travel nursing is a transform nursing job involving on-site assessments, care planning, and a level of responsibility. It is not just the same as traditional intensive care unit procedures. Progressive care nurse jobs come in three main names: medical/surgical, critical care, and acute psychiatry travel nursing.

What Is Progressive Care Nursing?

PCU Nurse stands for Progressive Care Unit Nurse. A physician works with patients transferred from the ICU or other units. This job is different from traditional nursing jobs. A PCU nurse is a healthcare team leader who takes care of the patient in the intermediate stage between ICU, step down, and general medical or surgical unit.

Progressive Care Travel Nursing
Progressive Care Travel Nursing

The main purpose of a PCU Nurse is to assist each and every person in ICU until the patient can get better, transfer to another hospital, or they could go back to their own home. They focus on patients who are already critically ill and have a high chance of death if they are not attended to properly by health professionals.

What Does A Nurse Do In PCU?

Progressive Care Travel Nurses provide holistic patient care, including medication administration. Regularly communicates with the health care team as per the patient’s condition and takes decisions as per the patient’s condition. They help the patient with doctors, therapists, and others.

According to a hospital website in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, A PCU nurse’s usual day-to-day job is to make patient care more efficient from the ICU stage.

PCU nurse makes sure the patients are given proper information and treatment. After that, they coordinate with other healthcare providers in order to provide better care to the patients. In addition, they must also make sure they know how long their patients will need treatment at home or at another healthcare facility.

How Much Salary Does Progressive Care Travel Nursing?

Progressive care travel nurses work in hospital environments and also in private homes. For this reason, they are highly respected and often earn higher than average wages. This field is welcoming to anyone who is interested in working as a travel nurse to avoid the high cost of living and instead living with a lower cost of living.

The idea is to get a progressive care travel nursing job and live in areas where the health care system is well established, and the education system is very efficient. It is also important to make sure that you do your research before becoming of progressive care travel nursing jobs professional.

Advanced care travel nurses typically earn $1,968 – $4,268 per week. However, PCU Travel Nurse salary may be more or less based on the distance they travel and duties. Besides, some websites offer a 15% salary more than the requirement.

How To Find Progressive Care Travel Nursing Jobs?

Progressive Care Travel Nurses can find their jobs in hospitals and clinics in the United States. They also get their job in other countries.

They can find jobs in the following ways:

1. Hospitals And Clinics

The first step to finding a job is to find a hospital that has a good reputation. The hospital should also have sufficient patient resources for you to work on. You may need to work for several years before getting the expected job.

2. Job Listing Websites

Several websites give updated jobs for progressive care travel nurses so that you can get the latest jobs. For example, &, etc.

3. By Word Of Mouth

You can find a job if you ask one of your friends who is already working in this field. They will give you some ideas on how to get a job.

How To Become A PCU Travel Nurse?

A progressive care travel nurse should have the following qualifications:

1. A BSN degree from an accredited school

2. Eligible to work in the country through the appropriate credentialing organizations, which includes a current license where applicable.

3. Current and active CPR certification will be required.

4. A valid RN license in the state they would like to practice as a PCU travel nurse must be obtained prior to starting employment and maintained throughout their employment with a PCU travel nursing company.

5. Must pass the National Association of Travel Nurses (NATN, Inc) Nurse Recertification Examination (NRE). The NATN, Inc is a non-profit organization that helps maintain a high standard of nursing and is recognized as one of the best in the world.

6. Must meet all minimum requirements to be able to start and maintain licensure with the state they would like to practice in.

7. Must have a CPR certification which includes BLS for Healthcare Providers or BLS for Healthcare Providers-Advanced.

8. Must have at least one year of work experience in a clinical setting.

You’re ready to take the plunge if you’ve met these minimum requirements as an advanced care travel nurse. A good quality advanced care travel nurse should meet all of the above criteria. But if you want, you can get this job even if you fulfill the minimum requirements.

Why Travel As A PCU Nurse?

As a progressive care travel nurse, you have the chance to travel to various parts of the country or even in the world. Many people who choose this profession do so for their love of traveling. Yes, it will be a pleasure for you to see some parts of the world and make some new friends from different places.

What Are The Benefits Of This Progressive Care Travel Nursing?

Traveling as a travel nurse has many benefits. If you want to earn more money, this is a good option.

The following are the benefits that you will get:

1. Satisfy your love to travel

2. Traveling together with your friends and family

3. Improve your skills in terms of communication and teamwork

4. Having new experiences in various places in the country or a different country during the job

5. Improved your communication skills and teamwork skills

Progressive Care Travel Nursing
Progressive Care Travel Nursing

6. Having an opportunity to meet other travelers in the workplace

7. Having an opportunity to explore part of the world you never saw before

8. Having an experience in a different country with a good pay rate

9. Traveling with your family, friends or colleagues without paying any extra money for accommodation

10. Being able to join some social activities during working hours in other countries


A progressive care travel nurse is a nursing profession that has been growing rapidly in recent years. As more people get to know about this profession, there will be more jobs for advanced care travel nurses.

Travel nursing is considered a highly specialized nursing role, with the ability to work extensively across diverse health care environments. As a progressive care travel nurse, you have the chance to travel to various places and earn a good amount of money.

If you want to become a PCU travel nurse, all you need is not to worry because there are many online sources that will help you meet your goals and dreams.

I hope this article will be helpful for you. Good luck if you become a progressive care travel nurse! If you like this post, don’t forget to share it with your other friends. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t forget to comment below to share with us. We will try to answer your questions.

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What Is The Highest Paying Specialty For Travel Nursing?

Generally, the highest paying specialty in travel nursing are: Neurosurgeon, Anesthesiologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, ER or ICU Nurse, and Cardiologist
This is based on the salary of a travel nurse working in any state and having the same experience in other states or cities with different pay rates and salary standards.

What Is The Highest Paying State For Travel Nursing?

The highest paying state for travel nursing is 1. California 2. Other states have the same pay rate as California 3. Texas 4. Colorado.

I Am A Nurse With A BSN, Do I Need An MSN To Be Able To Become A Travel Nurse?

No, you don’t need an MSN to be able to practice as a Travel Nurse.

I Am An ER Nurse. Should I Take The ER Travel Nursing Job?

It all depends on your preference and skills. If you like to work in some specific areas or locations, then yes, but if you have no intention to leave your current place, then don’t do it because it is not good for your career. If you still want to do it, just go ahead.

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