Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag: Best 11 Specific Features

The Under armour lacrosse travel bag is a great option for the avid player. It is designed to be durable enough to stand up to all of the wear and tear that comes with a trip. This bag has ample storage space and includes two lacrosse sticks, which can easily fit on either end of the bag. Inside you will find plenty of pockets, which are perfect for storing all your gear safely away so that you can stay organized during your trip.

The bag also has zippers on both sides to leave the top open if you’d like and have an exterior pocket which is a great placement to hold a phone or other small devices.

Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag
Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag

Plus, this bag is made of top-grain leather, which looks great and is durable yet lightweight. The bag also includes a water-resistant lining, ensuring that your equipment stays dry during any wet weather or sweaty practices.

What Is The Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag?

This bag is part of Under armour’s lacrosse collection, including a backpack. Both of these products are durable and lightweight, perfect for carrying your gear to and from practice.

This bag includes two lacrosse sticks, an outside pocket for a phone or other devices, and plenty of pockets inside to hold your other gear.

Who Would Use The Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag?

This is a great option for players who often travel between practices. This is the perfect bag to carry your equipment and keep you organized, whatever your sport may be.

This bag is also a great option for those who don’t want to carry a large, heavy bag. This product is lightweight yet still durable enough to handle all of the wear that comes with travel.

Best 11 Specific Features Of The Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag?

1. Storage Pockets

There are plenty of pockets on both the inside and outside of this bag to hold everything you need in an organized way. Inside, you will find a large zippered pocket that can easily hold your helmet and pads as well as any other large bulky items.

Under Armour Adult Contain Travel Kit , Pitch Gray Medium Heather (012)/Metallic Silver

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Then there is a smaller mesh pocket for any more fragile items. On top of that, there is an included mesh duffel bag, which can also be used separately from the bag and comes with two separate snap open pockets on one side.

2. Durable

This bag comes with a top grain leather body. It not only looks great but is highly durable and water-resistant.

3. Comfortable

The shoulder straps are padded, making it comfortable to carry around even with a full bag. There is also a sternum strap that helps distribute the weight of the bag over your body more evenly so that it doesn’t feel too heavy on your shoulders or back. These straps can be adjusted to fit nearly any body type comfortably.

4. Lacrosse Sticks

There are two lacrosse sticks included with this bag. They are both made out of aluminum and are approximately 48 inches long.

5. Technologies

The Under armour lacrosse travel bag also utilizes Under armour’s signature technologies to make the bag lightweight, durable and comfortable.

6. Travel Bag

This bag also has a separate mesh duffel bag which can be used separately from the bag.

7. Ventilation

The bag is designed with enough ventilation to allow heat to escape and moisture to enter while keeping the items inside your bag protected from the elements.

8. Material

The Under armour lacrosse travel bag includes a top grain leather, making it durable yet lightweight enough to be comfortable while carrying.

9. Water Resistant

This bag is water-resistant and has a detailed lining that helps keep your equipment dry during any weather or sweaty practices.

10. Comfort

This bag is designed to be comfortable and lightweight so that you can go on your travel with ease. The straps are padded and adjustable to fit nearly any body type comfortably.

11. Overall Design

The bag itself can be carried like a backpack, over the shoulder, or it has two handles, making it easy to carry like a duffel bag.

Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag Specifications

1. Material

This bag is made from 100% polyester and a vinyl lining

2. Dimensions

The bag is sized at 21 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 12.5 inches deep inside the main compartment when it is closed. It measures 22 inches high, 8.75 inches wide, and 17 inches deep when it is open.

Under Armour Midi Duffle 2.0

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3. Weight

This bag weighs approximately 6 lbs., making it lightweight and easy to carry around on your travels. It also weighs slightly more than the average lacrosse stick, which averages 5 to 7 lbs.

4. Size

The bag has an easy-to-open zipper on each side, which allows you to leave it open for easy access to your gear.

5. Storage Space

This bag features a main compartment with enough room to hold two lacrosse sticks and all of your other gear. Plus, it includes a separate mesh duffel bag on the outside which can be used separately and has two snap pockets on one side.

6. Color

This bag is available in black and red.

Under armour lacrosse travel bag Warranty

Under armour offers a limited lifetime warranty, meaning that if any damage is caused by normal wear and tear, you can get the bag repaired.

It is important to keep track of the warranty information for your bag so that you can get it repaired should any damage happen.

Under armour lacrosse travel bag Shopping Tips

1. Determine Your Needs

First, decide what you will be using the bag for and how much space you need.

2. Know Your Budget

You can find this product for as low as $69 on Amazon, but other similar bags can start at around $10 and go up to over $300, so there is a tremendous price range from which to choose.

3. Look For Offers

Check to see if Under armour is currently offering any deals on this bag or any of their other products. You may be able to get a discount, free shipping, or a gift card when you order directly from them.

4. Shop For Sales

Keep an eye out for sales in your local sporting goods stores and look online as well. This bag can be found at many retailers, including Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Under armour’s website.

5. Use The Reviews

Even though this is not a very popular item, many people have purchased it. Take their word for it when deciding whether to buy or not.

How Much Does The Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag Cost?

This is on the higher end of most lacrosse bags but still a reasonable price for something that will last and organize your gear perfectly, ensuring that you have everything you need when traveling from practice to practice. Currently, this product is priced at $79.95 on Amazon.

Where Can I Buy The Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag?

You can purchase it from your nearest shopping center. You can buy it from various e-commerce sites if you want. But in that case, it is safest to buy from Amazon’s site.

Best 10 Advantage Of Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag

1. Made of durable material that can withstand tremendous impacts and still come out intact without any damage. It is top grain leather material which gives the bag a very rich look, and it makes the bag more effective than the original leather bags available in the market.

Under Armour Womens This Is It Duffle, Black (001)/Black, One Size Fits all

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2. It has a very rich look with all its contrasting colors and a 2 tone body, making it look like a high-end product and not some regular lacrosse bag. The bag has unique graphics, which makes it look appealing in its way.

3. The design of this lacrosse bag is very user-friendly. It has a very spacious, specially designed compartment that can hold two lacrosse sticks and other gear easily. A separate mesh duffel bag on the outside can be used separately if needed and has two snap pockets on its outer side.

4. Its zipper is very durable, and so is the whole bag. It also features great ventilation so that your items do not get wet or sweaty in any weather or practice session.

5. The straps are padded for extra comfort, which is very lightweight.

6. You can carry the bag like a duffel bag or a backpack or on your shoulder. It has very comfortable shoulder straps that make carrying the bag like a backpack very easy with no added strain on your body.

7. It is very easy to clean and therefore you can use it after every practice session or travel and have no troubles.

8. This Under armour lacrosse travel bag comes with a very good warranty of 2 years. It means that if any damage is caused by normal wear and tear, you can get the bag repaired or even exchanged.

9. It has important information regarding its usage in its instructions to help users use it better and save time on their shopping trips.

10. It is available in many colors like red, black, blue, and other colors, making it easy for buyers to choose their favorite color.

Precautions While Using Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag

1. You must not wash your bag with any harsh detergent or water as it can damage your bag. It would help if you used a soft cloth to clean the whole bag.

2. While carrying any heavy items, make sure you are well balanced and do not carry excess weight other than your equipment as it can cause injury to your body and damage your bag.

3. Regularly check for any tears in your bag, and if you find any, get it repaired or exchanged as soon as possible to prevent any damage from occurring.

4. Handle the bag with care and avoid unnecessary stress, especially while traveling or carrying heavy equipment or items in it.

5. While using the bag as a backpack, make sure you tighten the straps well so that they do not loosen up suddenly while walking with it.

How To Clean The Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag?

You can clean your Under armour lacrosse travel bag using a soft cloth and moderate soap levels. When cleaning, make sure you do not use any harsh detergents or chemicals which can damage the bag and render it useless.

What Are Others Saying About The Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag?

1. Valerie F.: “I am very pleased with this travel bag. The size is perfect for carrying everything I need, including my lacrosse stick and lunch, while traveling to three practices in three days.

2. Andrew S.: “The quality of this bag is amazing. I own lots of lacrosse equipment, and there is plenty of space for everything. The bag is made well with strong zippers, and the straps are very comfortable to carry on your shoulder or in your hand.

3. Joan R.: “I love this Under Armour bag. It’s so roomy, and the material feels very sturdy and is easy to clean.”

4. Sally K.: “I recently purchased this Under Armour bag. It is a bit pricier than I expected it to be, but the quality is great, and it has plenty of room to hold everything I need while traveling. I work at a school far away from my home, so I have to travel a lot, and this bag makes my travel very easy because it holds all my gear, including two lacrosse sticks, shoes, girdles, and even drinks.

Disadvantages Of Under Armour Lacrosse Travel Bag

1. This Under armour lacrosse travel bag has a very bulky look, and in some cases, it may not suit people with a small frame as it is fairly big. But if you are comfortable with the size of the bag and are looking for something that will last you a while, this product is perfect for that.

2. Some people may find this item expensive, but once you compare its features with those available on other bags, you will find that its price is more than reasonable and worth paying.


The Under armour lacrosse travel bag is one of the most stylish and durable lacrosse bags available in the market. Its unique graphics look very attractive while still providing enough space to hold all your gear and accessories.

It is a perfect travel bag for any person looking for functionality and style. This item is highly recommended by most people and customers who have used it in the past. It will serve you for a long time if you take care of it properly.

We hope that you have found this article to be informative and helpful. If you have any additional questions about the Under armor lacrosse travel bag, feel free to leave a comment below, and we will try our best to help you out.

Also, if you think that we left any important information out of this article, feel free to leave your comments.

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